1. Quarantine Music I-IV (Bundle)

  2. Quarantine Music V-VIII (Bundle)

  3. Shearwater Live Albums 2008-2016 (Four Album Bundle)

  4. Shearwater plays Bowie's Berlin Trilogy Live (Complete Three-album Set)

  5. Shearwater plays Bowie's Berlin Trilogy Live, Part 1: Low

  6. Shearwater plays Bowie's Berlin Trilogy Live, Part 2: "Heroes"

  7. Shearwater plays Bowie's Berlin Trilogy Live, Part 3: Lodger

  8. Shearwater Plays Lodger (2016 AV Club Version)

  9. The Hunter's Star (Sheet Music for Piano)

  10. The Snow Leopard (Sheet Music for Piano)

  11. You As You Were (Sheet Music for Piano)

  12. Hidden Lakes (Sheet Music for Piano)

  13. Sheet Music Bundle (Piano + Vocal)

  14. The Sky Is A Blank Screen: Live Recordings 2016

  15. Jet Plane and Oxbow (Sub Pop, 2016)

  16. Fellow Travelers (Sub Pop, 2013)

  17. Animal Joy (Sub Pop, 2012)

  18. The Island Arc Live (Excerpts)

  19. Live in St. Malo, 2010

  20. The Golden Archipelago (Matador, 2010)

  21. Missing Islands: Demos and Outtakes 2008-2010

  22. Rook (Matador, 2008)

  23. Rook: Live at Florence Gould Hall, 2008

  24. Rook (mostly) Solo in London, 2018

  25. Palo Santo (Matador, 2007)

  26. Quarantine Music VIII: Under Ancient Eyes

  27. Quarantine Music VII: Blue Forest Overture

  28. Quarantine Music VI: Thin Place Journals

  29. Quarantine Music V: Two Sleepless Nights

  30. Quarantine Music IV: Brazen Victory Blues

  31. Quarantine Music III: Empty Memory Palace

  32. Quarantine Music II: Europan Benthic Detritivore

  33. Quarantine Music I: Winter Morning Meltdown

  34. Novacane (single)

  35. This Year b/w Black River Song (Single)

  36. "Shearwater is Enron" instrumental album (2010)

  37. Why I Love My Home (songs for Charles Burchfield)
    Jonathan Meiburg

  38. Buteo Buteo
    Jonathan Meiburg

  39. The Dissolving Room


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